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  1. Maserati
    I just came across the news on B&W headphones and speakers in partnership with Maserati. Headphones go for $399 and the speakers have maserati leather and go for $7k. Has anyone seen these? Where can I buy a pair? What do they sound like? How is the in car sound system from B&W? I wrote...
  2. Electronics
    I just picked up a pair of these things... the clarity is amazing! I usually have my iPhone on 75% volume, even with noise canceling 'phones, but with these I listen at 50% and the sound is extremely clear! Anyone else have these, or other B&O products? I've heard their telephones have...
  3. Electronics
    Yeah Ferrari branded stuff has been played to death, but here are some new Ferrari headphones, earbuds and iPod dock. What you guys think? Stylish or already played-out? Link:Scuderia Ferrari Collection by Logic3 - Luxury News from Luxury Insider
1-3 of 3 Results