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  1. Porsche
    Watch the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS:
  2. Automotive
    Crude video I made while in Tampa with Diego (who also posts here).... Both are a blast to drive in different ways obviously....I drove the E63 S up from Miami to Tampa then the GT4 from Tampa to Miami.... Talk about a hoot:bowdown:, even on Florida's flat boring roads.... Better pics lol
  3. Porsche
    Some argue that the Cayman GT4 is the purist Porsche available at the moment. We don’t take sides in that spirited debate but an opinion that we will stand by is that these HRE P101’s look impeccable in Brushed Clear on this German track toy. Share with us how you feel about it! Wheel Specs...
  4. Aston Martin
    During my last winter holiday we went to Abu Dhabi. Here we went on to the lovely circuit on Yas Island called the Yas Marina Circuit. I was able to get in the passenger seat of a brutal Aston Martin GT4 and managed to get a couple of laps in. Enjoy! :clap:
1-4 of 4 Results