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  1. Asian Auto
    Having customers from all around the globe submit us pictures of the cars that we helped them build is a genuine treat. Thanks to the power of the internet we can give back and show you all the results as well no matter where you call home. Enjoy this Nissan GT-R on custom forged 3-piece ADV005...
  2. Automotive
    There is little doubt that the  Mercedes -AMG  GT R  is under development, but now the German automaker has released its own “spy photos.”In an interesting move, Mercedes-AMG sent out these photos of its heavily camouflaged  GT R testing, essentially confirming that the model is in the works and...
  3. Automotive
    No. Words. We're just glad no one got hurt here... Things could've been way way worse.
  4. Asian Auto
    For many years, those of us living in North America who wanted to get our hands on Nissan’s sought after Skyline GT-R had to settle for driving it digitally in the video game world. We admired them from afar for their RB series cast iron six cylinder twin-turbo engines, sophisticated all-wheel...
  5. Asian Auto
    VCU 21" deep 5" lip Custom Cut on Nissan GT-R Top Marques Show, Monaco, France VELLANO FORGED WHEELS
  6. Asian Auto
    Bravo VELLANO !!! ‪#‎VELLANO‬ FORGED WHEELS - 21" ‪#‎VCU‬ Custom Cut with 5" lip on ‪#‎Nissan‬ GT-R Widebody >> powder coating custom color finishes. At ‪#‎TopMarques‬ 2015 show in ‪#‎France‬ : with our friends Revo Motorsport, NewRide Covering and France Auto Racing.
  7. Ferrari
    100 supercars of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martion, Maserati, SLR, GT-R, R8, RR, Bentley etc... Enjoy the video! Armytrix Official website:
  8. Supercars
    Got sent these pictures on twitter recently which shows a heavily damaged Nissan GT-R. It was apparently only 2 days old and still had paper number plates on. It lost control and flipped in the rain on the N12 near Klipriver. Airbags are visible on the drivers side and I am happy to report that...
  9. Asian Auto
    I came across this Nissan GT-R in Abu Dhabi and was pretty amazed with it's sound. This sounds amazing! Nissan should have made this the stock exhaust.
  10. Wheels & Tires
    Finally got my wheels and suspension upgrades on my 2010 GT-R. Got my wheels from Michael at Acute Performance. 21" 5.0 TS contoured matte black centers with brushed gunmetal inner and outer hoops. Shod in Pirelli Pzero Nero. Michael was excellent to deal with, got my wheels to me packaged...
  11. Asian Auto
    Usain Bolt got a GT-R, painted it gold, and put a douche plate on the front, meh... At least it goes towards a good cause 2012 Nissan GT-R Usain - Pictures, Wallpapers
  12. Asian Auto
    five tuned Nissan GT-Rs taking turns going head-to-head on some public roadways. Each GT-R has been tweaked for serious power and these supercar-killers are some of the best of the best on the roadways today.First up is the TRC e85 GT-R by HP Logic, complete with downpipes, midpipe and air...
  13. Asian Auto
    [URL="[/URL] An amazing opportunity to own your very own hypertuned GT-R. as part of our partnership with Switzer, we will be bringing you more bests such as this on a regular basis. This 2009 Switzer P800 GT-R has 18,767 miles. Switzer P800 PKG for R35 GT-R Nissan - SPI Turbos (cores...
  14. Asian Auto
    Windows dark tint, blacked-out wheels and a neon green fluorescent wrap. Spotted in Dubai Neon-Green Supercars are So Fetch - Nissan GT-R Glows in the Dark black wing not too shabby either
  15. Asian Auto
    Nissan's GT-R Development Team announced that they will be competing a production-spec model at the Nurburgring 24 Hours Race in May. The Club Track Edition Nissan GT-R seen here undergoing shakedown testing is still slightly camouflaged and features a very prominent rear wing. Other than that...
  16. Photography
    Photography has been a long time hobby/passion of mine. A lot of the automotive work I do is for TopSpeed Motorsports in Alpharetta, GA (hence the watermarks), but I also get to shoot during track days and other car centric events. I figured we all like looking at images of different cars, so I...
1-19 of 30 Results