gt-r r35

  1. Liberty Walk President introducing Armytrix GT-R R35 Performance Exhaust System!

    Asian Auto
    Liberty Walk President Mr. Kato San introducing Armytrix GT-R R35 Performance Exhaust System!
  2. Awesome Nissan GT-R R35 video made by our Asia distributor (MUST WATCH!!!)

    Asian Auto
    This Godzilla fitted with full set Armytrix Evolution SS Valvetronic Exhaust system What can I say, it's LOUD! what makes our GT-R R35 different from other valvetronic exhaust system in the market *No idling raspy sound comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. *Less raspy sound at WOT...
  3. GT-R R35 installed with Armytrix Evolution Valvetronic Exhaust - Loud solid exhaust sound!

    Asian Auto
    Anyone looking to make your Godzilla even more BADER, here it is! Armytrix GT-R Evolution system delivers deep, loud, and aggressive but without droning, horsepower and torque output increase over stock. Maximum air flow design for performance, dramatically increases the sound level, best...
  4. Holy smoke, look at this crazy GT-R R35 exhaust sound!

    Asian Auto
    Lovely loud exhaust sound :clap: