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  1. Automotive
    While we know Bugatti's latest concept, the Vision Gran Turismo, is just that, this video from Czech site  Autoforum , shows it starting up, idling, and driving around at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Sounds super badass, right? Bugatti says this life-sized model of the virtual car from the game ...
  2. Automotive
    Hyundai has just unveiled its first ever supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The outrageously styled N2025 is Hyundai’s vision for a race car ten years into the future and is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that produces 871-hp. A hydrogen fuel cell produces 670-hp, while a super capacitor...
  3. Automotive
    It’s a concept car and one the automaker promises will never see production and yet, this is the future of Bugatti. It’s called the Vision Gran Turismo concept and as the name suggests, it’s a creation that will hit the track in the virtual world of Gran Turismo. Rather than some far-fetched...
  4. Maserati
    Maserati Gran Turismo lowered on 21" & 22" Vellano VKU concave wheels
  5. Automotive
    As Saturday protocol dictates after C&C-Irvine a few of us SoCal photographers go out on a photographing spree with Eurocar OC. This weeks subject was a 2012 Maserati Granturismo MC Sport. so here's what I came out with with yesterday. As always, It was a great great shoot. Thanks Eurocar Team...
  6. Maserati
    Here is a car that we brought in for a client at the end of 2007 as a 2008 new model Gran Turismo. This car was one of the first in the country and has been so lightly used it's ridiculous. We got the car in and added Suntek Carbon based 35% window tint film to the glass and then had FORGIATO...
  7. Maserati
    :D one sexy beast! what do you guys think?! our photographer has some raw skills! - mr.anderson
1-7 of 7 Results