gordon murray

  1. Former F1 Designer Pens Mid Engine, Three Cylinder Mini Supercar

    Gordon Murray, who is widely known for designing the iconic McLaren F1, has detailed his latest project: the super lightweight T.43 sports car. The T.43 is the first product available for license or sale by Murray’s new automotive engineering company, Gordon Murray Automotive. The chassis is an...
  2. The Guy Who Designed the McLaren F1 Says the AM-RB 001 is Impractical

    Pot calling the kettle black much? Gordon Murray was the pen behind the visceral and vicious McLaren F1, McLaren's first foray into road cars--Gordon seems to think that Aston Martin's new million dollar machine is a bit, er, impractical. “I can look under the lovely body, because I know Marik...
  3. Anyone here know anything about the McLaren F1?

    Ooooh, I do! I do! I do! :laugh: Okay, so I am officially kicking myself out of L4P's fantastic "Dream Garage" thread, because while the content I was presenting there was appreciated by some, my stories and some of the images weren't really in keeping with the original theme of that thread...