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  1. Watches
    TAG Heuer has just unveiled their Connected Watch, a $1,500 Android smartwatch. Created in partnership with online mogul Google and PC giant Intel, TAG Heuer Connected is the luxury brand’s first entry into the smart watch market. The watch’s aesthetics were inspired by the classic TAG Carrera...
  2. Electronics
    Just picked one of these up and for $350 you can't go wrong. That's $350 with no contract. Spec wise it is almost as good as the S4/5s, better than the iPhone 5. It probably costs Google around ~200-250 to manufacture (the S4 and 5s are around the same range). It's just that they don't spend...
  3. Automotive
    Post pics of cars found on google street view. I know some of you have seen cars parked in the street. I'll start:
1-3 of 5 Results