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  1. Automotive
    Hey all, just check this homepage with unlimited Autobahn sections and several sightseeing tips in germany: >>> Autobahn Speedhunter | For speed lovers and car enthusiasts <<< Regards Toldi
  2. European Auto
    By now I’ve legitimately lost count of how many sets we’ve installed on this beauty. A “Lamborghini Huracan in a tuxedo” as it has often been described – there’s no denying the superb blend of aggressiveness & classiness that this 2017 Audi R8 V10 possesses. Take a good look at the ADV05C Track...
  3. MBZ
    Whenever a new premium wheel series is released we get a little tickled. We know that as HRE’s largest dealer in the world it’s likely that we’ll be the first to get these wheels in the hands of customers and produce some special results. The Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe on HRE S204’s in Brushed...
  4. MBZ
    When Mercedes created the 300 SL in the mid 1950’s nobody thought its balance of style, elegance, and performance would ever be duplicated. Speaking from a retrospective position – we were all wrong. Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, the spiritual successor to the original gullwing, has been a smashing...
  5. European Auto
    Tired of all the “Manbronze” by now? Let’s try Polished Brown on for size. This F82 M4 has got it all, the sound of Akrapovic’s Titanium Exhaust System, the aid of aerodynamic Vorsteiner’s Carbon Fiber pieces, and the looks from ADV.1’s twisted spoke ADV06R’s in full 2-Piece Competition Spec. We...
  6. European Auto
    To say that we have fun with the ownership of our cars would be a gross understatement. Not even one week into taking delivery of our 2017 Audi R8 V10 we have captured photos of her on her second set and a third is not too far behind. For this version we opted with the wild & truly unique...
  7. Porsche
    We all like Porsche 911’s, especially when they’ve got turbos and go like hell. We also love when a centerlock configuration is optioned because well, it just looks that much better. It also gives the chosen aftermarket wheel a much cleaner look as is the case with these ADV10 MV2 CS’s. OEM...
  8. European Auto
    Not even 24 hours after we returned from the future we had this brand spanking new Audi R8 V10 sitting pretty on Adv.1’s with a little bit of custom lowering done. We’re impatient fellows, what can we say? ;) Take a look at the Brushed Gunmetal / Polished Gunmetal combo on these ADV10 Track Spec...
  9. European Auto
    Spanning over 30 years and with 5 different model generations, BMW’s M5 has long been the epitome of luxury sport sedans. Sure there may be some family four-doors that are more luxurious and some that are more sporty – but none that blend the two together as effortlessly as the M5 has done for...
  10. European Auto
    A large majority of our highly valued customers walk into the Wheels Boutique showroom looking to do something simple to help transform the look & performance of their cars. But then on occasion…there are some that go absolutely bonkers! As is the case with this Cup Car converted Porsche 911...
  11. European Auto
    Amidst Amelia Island’s yearly Concours D’Elegance, numerous automotive events & high-end auctions were taking place attracting folks from all over the globe to the wonderful northern Florida region. Festivals of Speed was one of these prestigious events and we at Wheels Boutique were large...
  12. Audi
    Call me crazy but I’m almost certain the drivers from the 1980’s Group B rally cars could never have imagined that the technologies being showcased in their own cars would eventually find a place in a luxury four door sedan. Turbocharging tech accompanied by sophisticated all-wheel drive systems...
  13. Wine
    I have the task of getting 35-40 bottles of wine for the car club's annual winter "gala" - gifts for those who attend - and I don't drink alcohol. :whistle: I thought since it's the Mercedes-Benz Club that a German wine might be a nice touch, but the budget is around $10 +/- per bottle. We...
  14. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys, Selling my PUR luxury series LX04 : USED No tires 20x10 Fronts 20x12.5 Rears Three piece Custom offset Flush fitment asking 4500 USD Shipped
  15. Ferrari
    Recorded these cars in Beverly Hills and thought I'd share. They both sound ridiculously good in their own ways. The F12's V12 is amazing! Hope you enjoy! 991 Porsche 911 Turbo + Ferrari F12berlinetta Accelerations - YouTube
  16. L4P Racing
    Found this trailer for the 2012 DTM season that started a couple weeks ago. I just wish you could order the M3 with that DTM styling. Need to watch it fullscreen + HD! Enjoy!
  17. European Auto
    Something you gotta watch in action to believe - the Ferrari FFX Fahrradi Farfalla made in Germany video here: The Ferrari Pseudo-Supercar: Fahrradi Farfalla FFX Official Debut Video
  18. MBZ
    Hey 4players, Filmed this beauty in classy german grey color, on the Nurburgring in Germany. How Deutsch can we go? Enjoy this piece of quality German kraftmachine!
  19. Automotive
    Firefighters in Germany used six pumps to lift a Polo car. I don't know why they did it, but im glad they did cuz it's pretty effin cool. :clap:
1-19 of 21 Results