1. Garage service VA help

    Hey all, moving to live in Falls Church. Don't have thare any friends and contacts. Need good garage service, searched at google but couldn't choose one. Found this guys Their work looks good, but could it be fake? Someone heard something about them...
  2. Man collects the last production number of almost every collectable Ferrari

    It's true. He has a 599XX, an Enzo, a 288 GTB, and an F430 Scuderia just to name a few. He has most of them in yellow, which looks sick when applied to millions of dollars worth of rare cars. Go to for more like this.
  3. My Summer Garage Makeover Project ** Sorry, no exotics (aside from wall art).

    This forum is awesome! I want to thank everyone for the design ideas and inspiration to finally get off my butt and get to this major renovation project after living here for 14 years. This represents about 100 man hours of labor over two months but I no longer dread going into the garage...
  4. Shipping Container Garage?

    Hi Guys, An architect / builder buddy of mine inherited a few old shipping containers. He has always wanted a "man cave" garage and hangout place so he went ahead and did rehab and insulation in preparation to do a cool garage buildout. Other people have started to see what he is doing and...
  5. VIDEO: Supercar Garage in Doha, Qatar! - Ferrari's, Maserati's, everything!

    For my winter holiday I went on to visit Doha, which is placed in the country of Qatar. Qatar is a sovereign Arab state, located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Prosperity is something they know to well in this...
  6. Dream Garage

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. I'm sure its been debated over for ages, but if you could have any 10 vehicles (4 wheels, 2 wheels, or no wheels) in your garage. What would they be? I'm getting a feeling that this forum is full of enthusiasts with a wide variety of tastes. Feel free...
  7. 126 Million dollar Maison de l'Amitié

    Real Estate
    The sprawling oceanfront 60,000-square foot compound, bought from Donald Trump in 2008, includes diamond and gold fixtures and a nearly 50 car garage. It used to be owned by Donald Trump.
  8. Amazing Integrated Car Garage And Living Area

    Part of In Room Car Parking Inside a Luxury Apartment article, which is categorized within Apartment. Labelled as singapore apartment area of interest plus modern apartment area of interest with luxury car parking topic, cool integrated garage with red ferrari area of interest and in house car...
  9. john witherspoon actor range rover at TOPLINE

    Land Rover
    Hi we are please to say we are new sponsor for luxury4play & we are a one stop shop for any makes & models. as syou see here we worked on john witherspoon range rover making your ride new again is our objective! and we wont stop there, we go the extra step for all our clients making sure you...
  10. New Member Introduction + My Whip Game Collection

    Yo whats good L4P!? I am a new member and figured I would introduce myself real quick; Im a 23 year old entrepreneur from Seattle Washington and the biggest Seattle Seahawks Fan you will ever meet. I have a weekly NFL Seahawks video blog and am an active contributor on these forums...
  11. What type of garage flooring is everyone using?

    What type of flooring is everyone using for their garages? Epoxy, tile,......?
  12. What type of garage flooring do you have?

    Real Estate
    Curious about what type of floor covering everyone is using? solid epoxies, tile,.....?
  13. L4P Garage of the Month::December :: Japan's Secret Garage

    These pictures are unedited and RAW from a friend that had the pleasure of viewing this amazing collection in Japan. There were over 500 pictures of which I chose around 200 to share. This is sensory overload. Our garage of the month threads differ every time and this one delivers as far as...
  14. TEASER!!** L4P x Thomas Classics x Jason Kandalec GOTM: November**

    [URL="[/URL] Coming Soon!, Enjoy
  15. Help With Research

    Hi L4P! It would mean A LOT of you guys could help me out with a research project that I'm working on. I am trying to understand the operational and day to day frustrations of the garage business. Here are some tasks that I NEED to have accomplished: 1. Reach out and talk to professionals in...

    I own a one of a kind garage/showroom/boutique in the world. It is a one stop auto shop that is located in the Middle East. I already have HRE/DYMAG/BackDraft/Kreissieg/AutoGlym/Sparco/Recaro and alot more. Any more products or ideas you guys suggest I can add ? Anyone have any close contacts to...
  17. Garage Condo Development in New Jersey

    Hey guys Working with a few people on some new development in the Tri-State/North Jersey Area and I came about with the idea of Garage Condo since they are becoming more and more popular for Car Collectors Alike :clap:. Currently We are researching and have a few properties that we are...
  18. World's Most Beautiful GARAGES & Exotics: Insane GARAGE PICTURE THREAD! 50+ Pics!

    What's up guys? Pull up a comfy chair and enjoy oogling some of today's most sexy and stunning garages. No, not a single one of these are mine! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the photos! AND PLEASE ADD MORE GARAGE PICTURES THAT YOU HAVE GATHERED OR SNAPPED!!! Thanks!