gallardo sound

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  1. Lamborghini
    Check out this Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Coupe revving it up and then accelerating on Sloane Street in London! We are not sure if this Gallardo LP560-4 has a custom exhaust or not, but it does sound pretty awesome! What do you think? Comment below!
  2. Lamborghini
    This video includes three different Lamborghini Gallardo's. Two Gallardo Spyders (In the colors white and baby blue) and one 'normal' Gallardo in a MATTE ORANGE color! All Lamborghini Gallardo's do a very nice acceleration! Enjoy the lovely V10 sound!
  3. Automotive
    Check out this orange Lamborghini Gallardo on black wheels revving it up! First fitted with a stock exhaust system and then with a Fabspeed Race Exhaust system! Both exhausts sound great on the Lamborghini Gallardo, but the question is simple: which exhaust do you think sounds better? Comment below!
1-3 of 3 Results