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  1. Detailing
    In the past years, i've been pretty satisfied with my wash/dry , throw on some mothers wax by hand, take it off then use some sort of spray wax... Now not being so naive, and seeing other peoples people, i'm determined to learn and try new things, after doing some research theres even more steps...
  2. Automotive
    2008 Infiniti G35 on 20'' Black Stance Rims
  3. Asian Auto
    Four Doors, More Whores... I'm a long time lurker here, so i decided to post pics of my car. Enjoy the picture guys :) Mods include... Fast Intentions HFC Invidia Gemini catback BC Racing BR SPC rear camber arm and toe bolt 20% front and 5% rear Forgestar F14 19x10 +25/30 Escort 9500ix...
  4. Photography
    recently put my car in the shop for a few changes which included a complete color change to a 3 stage Lamborghini paint and a full metal widebody with a molded bumper and custom molded spoiler which extends onto the quarter panels. any comments positive or negative will be appreciated...
1-4 of 4 Results