1. Ferrari Racing Days at Hockenheim Will Make Your Ears Orgasm

    Check out this 7 minute slice of heaven from the latest Ferrari Racing Days event at the Hockenheimring in Germany's picturesque Rhine valley. From roadcars to racecars, Ferrari brought a full gamut of glorious and gorgeous machinery--F40, Enzo, LaFerrari, FXXK, 599XX, along with several...
  2. Ferrari FXX at Fiorano: Screaming V12 Flybys!

    European Auto
  3. It's time to choose! F50? F60? F60 FXX?

    I made a video about 2 of the greatest Ferrari ever made, and I ask you to choose...which one would you take? the rare and roofless F50? or maybe the almighty Enzo? or even the Enzo with lovely black rims and some FXX details? it's up to you to choose! it's a shame that no F40 showed up...
  4. Ferrari XX EVO--Enzo

    Zahir emailed me this, and I thought id share. After 9 months of separation my baby is finally home. I know some of you think I am crazy to do this extreme makeover project but I love it. 830 BHP dyno tuned. Capable of 390 KPH but only managed 376 kph on track...Too much down force Took Allisun...