front bumper

  1. The 458 Italia "Monte Carlo" Update

    Can you imagine what we're working on? Have a look at the (photoshopped) image below and post your guesses. The Product is 95% ready and will launch next month. Kindly contact [email protected] for pre-orders and further questions. Thanks to Raphael Belly who took the original photo, you're the...
  2. Another sick Maserati GT "SOVRANO" - AWESOME PHOTOS

    DMC just finished another Maserati with their famous "SOVRANO" package. The project was done in China, and caught on media by photographer PRIMAGE. He is a true capturing wizard, and is part of the photo alliance GLOBAL CAR WANTED. They are a group that currently is making a lot of noise with...
  3. DMC 2011 GT Carbon Fiber Body Kit

    Hi guys, I just received photos from the folks at DMC that show the 2011 GT Body Kit which I ordered for my 2003 Murcielago. The carbon fiber looks so stunning, I just had to share these with you!! Can't wait to put the kit on my car, will post photos for sure once it's all installed!