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  1. Automotive
    Hey Guys Yesterday I've recorded these 6 Amphicars entering the Lake of Constance while the Fair "Klassikwelt Bodensee" in Friedrichshafen. Enjoy the Video in HD :laugh: If you want, I could upload some pictures I've took, while filming, with my DSLR. :wink:
  2. Automotive
    Hey Guys At the moment just 2 photos as an Impression for what I spotted today ... hope you like the pictures, more tomorrow! Stay tuned :wink: You're also invited to like my Facebook Page, for faster updates The Car Addict
  3. Europe
    Hey Guys Sooome Impressions of the first 'Miss Tuning 2011'-finalists presentation today at the Tuning World Bodensee - hope you enjoy them ;-) Please note, the pictures are unedited, so sorry if some pictures are maybe a bit too dark ... All 76 Pictures here Later I'm...
  4. Europe
    Hey Guys Some first Impressions of this years Tuning World 2011 which opened yesterday. Some dates: * 18 World Premieres * 2 Europe Premieres * 10 German Premiers There will be a complete parking space for 15.000 vehicles. There are also free Shuttle-Buses from the Stadtbahnhof and...
  5. Aviation
    Hey Guys Now some own pictures of this years AERO, an international Fair for general Aviation. If you want more, go HERE
  6. Motorcycle
    Hey Guys Not many know it, the ones who know it, love it: the MonoTracer. It's a very efficiently Cabin Motorcycle built in Winterthur, Switzerland. I've seen it during the AERO (International Aviation Fair) in Friedrichshafen, Germany and I must say, I really like it!! Now some own pictures...
1-6 of 6 Results