formula one

  1. Aston Martin Wants Into the Formula One Circus

    The legendary British brand is looking to get more involved in the Formula One paddock. “We want to be more involved in the sport,” chief executive Andy Palmer was quoted as saying while attending the Singapore Grand Prix over the weekend. “We’re currently studying the 2021 engine. If we get a...
  2. Alfa Romeo Could Go Back to F1, Provided It Never Outshines Ferrari

    FCA and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne said that he would love to see Alfa Romeo returning to the Formula 1 Championship with its own team, provided that they are never, ever as good as Scuderia Ferrari. Instead of being a genuine F1 contender, he imagines Alfa as the junior varsity team...
  3. Formula one appreciation

    L4P Racing
    not sure if many L4P people are big f1 fans or fans of the oldschool F1 cars. They are just epic machines!!! check out the pics and the vids in this post! they are beyond awesome! Formula One cars shooting and spraying sparks!!! Epic pics and VIDEO Taste of whats in the link ENJOY
  4. Sebastian Vettel with Girlfriend Hanna and Father Norbert

    First of all some huuuge Congratulations for the now second F1 Championship title Vettel achieved today. :clap::clap::clap: To "celebrate" this now some Pictures of Sebastian together with his Girlfriend Hanna and his Father Norbert. I took the pics in May 2011 in Germany. Sure, I know, you...