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  1. West
    Finally got time to edit some photos from the AE Car Meet...figure I would make a thread to share all the pics everyone has taken. Here are my photos and please add yours. :clap: AEPerformance_Meet_march22013-4597 by NicoJarrettPhotography, on Flickr AEPerformance_Meet_march22013-4633 by...
  2. Lamborghini
    So last night I went for a drive with a friend of mine in his LP570-4 SuperTrofeo Stradale and were lucky enough to find this brutally loud Ford GT. Turn up the volume and enjoy!
  3. American Auto
    Pretty much one of the baddest men on the planet, and this is his personal GT that he's thrashing :clap: Ford GT Drifting in Airport Hangar Video
  4. Photography
    Hope you'll like!.. Ford GT40 Replica by Carl Kjellberg, on Flickr carl kjellberg - photography & design. fotograf och designer - Linköping och Mjölby
  5. American Auto
    What do you think? I am currently looking for cars that are willing to take a deep discount on a set for pictures. For more information about Axiom check out. Michael Owner Acute...
  6. American Auto
    Check out the Hennessey Newsletter Online Ford GT 0-257 MPH Video!
  7. Automotive
    Yo whats good L4P!? I am a new member and figured I would introduce myself real quick; Im a 23 year old entrepreneur from Seattle Washington and the biggest Seattle Seahawks Fan you will ever meet. I have a weekly NFL Seahawks video blog and am an active contributor on these forums...
  8. American Auto
    DV8 Motoring showcases Jason “Mullet” Stevens' Ford GT that is currently making 1054 RWHP with a Twin Turbo and Supercharged engine built by the world famous Hennessey Performance. Equipped with lightweight concave Forgestar F14 wheels and Hoosiers slicks Jason’s GT clocked 226mph in the...
  9. American Auto
    Here is just a SMALL number of the sick Fords in one day at C&C Dallas. The cars shown include the GT Supercar, SVT Lightning Trucks, and many flavors of Mustangs including Rousch, Saleen, Boss 302, Cobra, and the new 5.0. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of the video! Thanks!
  10. American Auto
    New Website Allows Ford Fans to Show the World Just How Much They Love the Blue Oval | OUR AMERICAN CARS
  11. Supercars
    Here is a Ford GT with a set of 19+20" Modulare M7 wheels in brushed. The wheels are 19x10 front and 20x13 rear, mated to Michelin PSS 275/30/19 and 345/30/20 rubber. As always, remember to contact TAG Motorsports for special L4P Pricing :)
  12. American Auto
    I got a chance to enjoy a red Ford GT recently. It's such a beautiful car and it sounds great. I LOVE the vanity plate on this one! What do you think of it?
  13. Automotive
    My mind just about exploded when I got the chance to tour this massive private car collection recently. One man owns all these cars and I feel honored that I was allowed access. This truly is heaven on earth!... Rough estimates, how much do you guys think the collection is worth?
  14. American Auto
    Here is a very nice clean 05 Ford GT with only 400 miles on it. Customer wants it in Florida, ASAP. so guess who he called to do the job.
  15. American Auto
    Since I'm sharing my other Gumball 3000 videos that I took before I joined L4P, I figured I'd show you guys this one. Enjoy. :)
  16. American Auto
    I'm onboard the Ford GT-BTTDAY WakeGranturismo Monza 07/11/2009 YouTube - I'm onboard the Ford GT-BTTDAY WakeGranturismo Monza 07/11/2009
41-57 of 58 Results