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  1. Aviation
    After posting the 747 LAX landing that you guys all seemed to enjoy, here is another well made video showcasing a Lufthansa A380 landing in SFO from different camera angles with the captain getting a salute for his retirement at the end. Be sure to watch in HD & enjoy it before it's gone!
  2. Aviation
    Ever since I could sound out the word "Airplane," my fascination with these flying machines only grew with age. I would always tell people as a child that'd I'd be a Pilot one day. Today after much hard work, studying, training and fun flying, my dreams came true and I'm forever grateful to...
  3. Aviation
    Went on my first Solo Cross Country Flight in a Cessna 172 not too long ago and finally got some time to put a little video together for you guys to check out. Let me know what you guys think? Happy Flying!
1-4 of 5 Results