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  1. This Aviation Startup Plans to Bring a $600K Flying Car to U.S. by 2018

    PAL-V is teasing its first production-ready flying car, the Liberty.  The first set of 90 flying cars built, called the PAL-V Liberty Limited Pioneer Edition (teased in photo below), will sell for $599,000 each and only 25 will be coming to North America. “We anticipate deliveries of a...
  2. This Insane Flying Car Hits The Production Line Next Year

    If you recall the flying automobiles from the animated kid’s show called “The Jetsons”, you might be asking yourself “It’s 2016! Where’s the flying cars, for crying out loud?!” Well, this aircraft with wheels might just be the answer to your question.This is the AeroMobile 3.0 and according to...
  3. This Flying Car Can Even Fly Itself!

    Step aside self-driving cars; the era of the self-driving and self-flying car is here! Almost. Terrafugia is on a mission to bring personal flight to homes everywhere. Their latest concept wouldn’t look out of place in a Terminator movie; the ‘TF-X’ is a fixed wing street legal aircraft, with...
  4. The World's first stylish and functional flying car is now available for purchase in North America

    The PAL-V 2 seat flying car is available for purchase in North America. It is the first flying car to conform to aviation regulations and road regulations and looks stylish compared to many of it's competitors. The first 50 airframes will have a luxury limited edition interior designed by a...