1. Can You Guess Which Car The Playboy Playmate Of The Year Just Won With Her Cover Shot?

    This is a pretty solid tactic to promote an automotive brand. The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider is sure to draw some glares, and not because it’s a sweet two-seater, but because the Playboy Playmate of the Year was given one for her, uh, talents.Eugena Washington, the cover girl for the June 2016 issue...
  2. SR AUTO Project Denso FIAT 500 PRIMA EDIZIONE

    European Auto
    The Fiat 500 Prima Edizione Project Denso features H&R Performance lowering springs, K&N air filter system, Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system and super-light Work Meister S1R wheels. The matte black-finished wheels have a two-piece forged design and have a bespoke matte bronze lip. more pics...
  3. Drifting Abarth!!!

    Hey Guys, Do me a favor. Go vote for the Abarth drawing on the Fiat Mckinney page. To vote you have to leave an "A" in the comments! Let's show them how a fiat should be driven! Boom! And share it on your page! Thanks! Wall Photos | Facebook If I win I will draw up some L4P Watches and...
  4. Bloodfuel ABARTH!

    European Auto
  5. Maserati Kubang at North Ameircan International Auto Show

    Do you like?:confused:
  6. Customizing a model car ...

    Hi everyone! Isn't it like real live: Everyone wants an Convertible for summer ... driving through fields of green grass, sometimes a tree, a few happy horses around ... or similar. But back to the fact - Convertibles are almost everyones wish. And why not creating one ... Original Post...
  7. Italian Gathering 2011 Dublin,OH

    Mid West
    The 2011 Italian Gathering will be on Sept. 4 on the Grounds of Wendy's World Headquarters in Dublin, OH. This is a great show if any of you have ever been to it. People come from pretty far away for this one... A lot of awesome Italian Exotics. I would love to see some L4P members show up. We...