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  1. Automotive
    The Ferrari Testarossa was never known for the insane speed the car company is synonymous with. It did house an imposing V12 that made 400hp, but only ran the quarter mile in an unimpressive 13 seconds (even in the 80’s that was pedestrian). This particular Testarossa up for auction is special...
  2. Ferrari
    Luckily the driver of this Ferrari 512 TR was so kind to do some loud revs for us! We think the sound of a good, 'classic' Ferrari never gets old and the sound of this Ferrari 512 TR definitely not!
  3. Ferrari
    This Ferrari Testarossa has Fuchs Exhausts wich producing very LOUD sounds! Check it out doing revs and a acceleration! (;
  4. Ferrari
    Ok, so I have a dear associate and he is looking for a ferrari, preferably before summer is over. His price range is between $00,000-$80,000. He knows maintenece will cost and is willing to take it, He prefers manual over F1 and really wants a 456M or a Testarossa however any other Ferrari in...
1-4 of 4 Results