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  1. Automotive
    In last week's Would You Rather , the all-new Audi TT RS pulled off a surprise upset of the recently refreshed Porsche Cayman, and going by the comments on our Facebook page, you guys seemed equally divided on the matter. But, you really can’t go wrong either, because both are outstanding...
  2. Automotive
    Check out this awesome video below from  Youtube user Gumbal that poses the question we need you to answer: Which Sounds Better? The McLaren P1 GTR or Ferrari FXX K? Both were filmed on the Belgium F1 circuit SPA-Francorchamps, with the same camera and mic setup. Turn your speakers up, watch...
  3. Automotive
    Check out the Ferrari FXX K in action during the Ferrari Corse Clienti Days at Spa Francorchamps a few weeks ago shot by Youtube user cvdzijden . Sounds brutally awesome, right? And if you look carefully during acceleration you can see flames from the exhaust. The Ferrari FXX K has a 6.3 liter...
1-3 of 3 Results