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  1. Ferrari
    WTF!? We spotted a VELVET Ferrari F430 Coupe in Koln, Germany, a while ago at a cars & coffee event! What do you think of it? It is not the first time that an owner decides to wrap his or her (super)car in velvet, but we wonder.. why!? haha
  2. Marine
    Frank Stephenson is a big name in automotive design. He’s the mastermind behind the iconic Ferrari F430, the Mini Cooper, and the McLaren P1. There must be transferable skills between car design and boat design, as his 31-foot electric powerboat is pretty stylish.   Contrasting rosewood and...
  3. Ferrari
    Check out this LOUD Ferrari F430 F1 fitted with an impressive custom Capristo exhaust! The video includes the Ferrari F430 doing several revs and accelerations! Enjoy!
  4. Ferrari
    Just a short video including a Ferrari F430 Coupe fitted with a Capristo Exhaust doing some loud accelerations! This Ferrari F430 Coupe was one of the visitors of an Italian car event a while ago and we managed to record some nice sounds! Enjoy!
  5. Ferrari
    Check out this Ferrari F430 in some serious ACTION! This Ferrari F430 is fitted with a Fabspeed X-Pipe Muffler Bypass and that makes this Ferrari F430 produce a really LOUD sound! The custom exhaust for this Ferrari F430 is installed by Fabspeed Motorsport and they did a great job because the...
  6. Ferrari
    A couple weeks ago I spent the day with the owner of this '05 F430 shooting video of it for the Winding Road YouTube channel. This is what happened: You will definitely want your headphones for these because of the binaural audio, trust me - it's worth it! Modifications include Fabspeed...
  7. Autos/Auto Related
    Im selling a pair of BRAND NEW Carbon Fiber air boxes for an F430. These are such a great addition to the engine bay to get rid of the boring silver metal ones that come from the factory. Asking $1400 (retail is over $2000) Thanks
  8. Ferrari
    do you like this yellow ferrari and the sound? Ferrari F430 LOUD EXHAUST - YouTube
  9. Automotive
    L4P Exclusive All three of these daring beauties must go to make way for new spring inventory. This is a grand opportunity to snag these bad boys at next to; and in some cases below wholesale pricing. This offer is only good for the week. So call us today! [URL="[/URL] 2010 Bentley Flying...
  10. Ferrari
    YouTube - F430, Gallardo, ///M3 x2 Chase, Race, Accelerate
  11. Ferrari
    I record the July 2010 edition of Potenza on Peachtree in Atlanta, GA. I would like to say thanks to Will and Stephen for the invite as well as bringing out the 458's and it was nice to meet some of the F-Chat crew. There are many sounds that I record and I hope you enjoy, stay tuned for next...
  12. European Auto
    Hi, I'm currently looking for a new car and can't decide which one of these two to get. I will be buying second hand and I'm going to use the car as a daily driver. Which one of these do you suggest? Thanks.
  13. Ferrari
    Truck # 17 Departed on 1/12/10 Some vehicles that just got loaded at our facility, will have more along the way. A sweet 430 F 430 on the lift. All American Beauty Super Charged Bug Loaded Vehicles More Photos can be seen at Pictures by jplogistics - Photobucket
1-18 of 19 Results