ferrari f12 tdf

  1. VIDEO: Matte Grey 2017 Ferrari F12 TDF REVS & More Exhaust SOUNDS!

    We have filmed this Matte Grey 2017 Ferrari F12 TDF, currently the only one registered in The Netherlands, during Spring Event 2017 at Airport Weeze! The Ferrari F12 TDF (Tour de France) has a 6.3 liter V12 engine producing an output of an amazing 780HP and a 0-100 sprint of 2.9 seconds! What a...
  2. This is the Face of a Superlatively Terrified Man Driving a Supremely Fast Ferrari

    In a sanitized world where we're consistently sacrificing something for safety, Ferrari has thrown all sanity to the wind with their new F12 TDF . Oh, in case you were wondering, TDF stands for Tour de Fuuhhhuuuhhhuuuuuuccckkkkk--and yes it comes standard with the propensity to make grown men...
  3. Check Out The Top 7 Biggest Engines Available in 2016

    Bigger is always better, right? Why have just enough when you can treat yourself to MORE? So go ahead, have an extra scoop of ice cream, stay up two hours later than normal, and grab another beer; you know you want to. When it comes to cars, should you be forced to make do with some...
  4. You Can Finally See and Hear The Ferrari F12tdf in Action in This New Video

    For Ferrari fans, this is the moment you've been awaiting for: Ferrari have finally released video showing the new Ferrari F12TDF in action. "The hardcore version of the F12berlinetta" as it's often been touted is showcased here with its finally tuned details at first before we see footage of...
  5. Ferrari's New F12tdf is a 770 Horsepower Beast

    Ferrari just unveiled its brand new F12tdf , and it's a 770 Horsepower beast that does 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of over 211mph. How, you might ask? With its naturally aspirated 6.3 litre V12—the same as the F12 Berlinetta—and a redesigned body with more carbon fiber to bring its...