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  1. Automotive
    The only street-legal Ferrari FXX Evoluzione in existence recently went up for sale. With an asking price of £9,999,999 ($12.5-million), this converted Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione is not just one of 38 units that came new in 2008, but is the only one the Italian automaker ever converted to...
  2. Automotive
    The  Dodge  Viper may be dead, but it is still one of the fastest production cars around the Nurburgring. There’s actually an interesting story behind the 2010 Dodge Viper ACR’s impressive lap time of 7:12.13 set by Dominik Farnbacher, at the time setting a record for production cars. The...
  3. Automotive
    Not many cars can rock the no-paint job, but not many cars are like the Ferrari Enzo. The only Enzo to leave the factory in nothing but its bare bones carbon fiber shell is up for grabs at Exotic Motors Midwest, and the one-off is arguably cooler than its painted brethren.You’d think there’d be...
  4. Automotive
    At this time of year, car junkies are beelining to Switzerland for the annual Geneva Motor Show. If fans can’t get enough supercars over the 10-day event, they can make their way to Carugati Automobiles for round two of ridiculous supercars. Case in point: this white Maserati MC12 snapped up...
  5. Automotive
    It feels like every week Floyd Mayweather is doing something with car collection, whether he’s buying or selling. This time around, it’s the latter, again. Mayweather put his Ferrari Enzo up for sale not too long ago, which led to a bidding war among a handful of billionaires attempting to...
  6. Automotive
    The only 2005 Maserati MC12 worldwide to be finished in black has a new home. Sold at Mecum Auctions for a cool US$1,575,000, this is 1 of 50 from the MC12 line. While 49 came in either white or blue accents, the black model is one of a kind; a real black sheep. With only 1,300 kilometers...
  7. Ferrari
    The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is a timeless masterpiece in our opinion. At a supercar event a while ago we managed to record a Enzo Ferrari in some action! The video includes a start up, rev and several acelerations on the track! Enjoy!
  8. Supercars
    Part 8 of the 'Supercars in Monaco' videos! This part includes a Ferrari Enzo, a very rare Aston Martin MANSORY DB9, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Performante and so much more! Enjoy the sight of supercars driving around in Monaco!
  9. Ferrari
    In my opinion brutality at it's finest. What do you think? :)
  10. Ferrari
    Just saw this pic on thought ment to be shared well for sure it looks like the enzo replacement or also called as the F70. Personally i like what i see especially the wing mirrors but why is ferrari going with same style head lamps in all their new cars? Overall the cars a...
  11. Ferrari
    I've been lucky enough to witness one of the most crazy creatures in the world: the one-off Gemballa Mig-U1. This thing is based on a Ferrari Enzo and it looks totally sick: I'm not a fan of extreme tuning but this airplane is just awesome IMO. Enjoy this beast!!
  12. Ferrari
    Hi all, I'm from Barcelona, Spain and I'm new in this forum. I just wanted to share with you some videos I took from the event, there were 7 F40s, 2 F50s an Enzo , 2 599 GTOs and many more, enjoy!
  13. Supercars
    For those of you who did not get the chance to make it to the show this year and/or those who, like myself, just want to see more pics. I have started this thread for that very reason, as I know there are a ton of photos floating around on the forum but these are just a few of mine I recently...
  14. Ferrari
    Latest shots by Dirk. Argento Nurburgring Enzo. Enjoy Photos & Content Courtesy of: Dirk A Photography™ To see more of Dirk's photos and write-ups check out
  15. Automotive
    Zahir Rana, owner of the Enzo, and his co-driver lost control of the $1.5 million edo competition Ferrari Enzo and ended up among fishes. At first sight, they regain control, only to lose it again and end up in a Ferrari crash that will never be forgotten. :bitenails: Rana never felt sorry for...
  16. Automotive
    Photos & Content Courtesy of: Dirk A Photography™ To see more of Dirk's photos and write-ups check out
  17. Ferrari
    Yeah we thought that would be really cool too, and so did our buddy D-Train Derek from MAC! And then he was like "wait we have an Enzo in the shop somewhere don't we?" And sure enough he did have one laying around! So i was like "D-Train get your torque wrench and let's do it!" Anyways, long...
1-19 of 27 Results