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  1. Photography
    This event took Place this past Saturday at Westchester Airport at the Million Air Hangar . There were Jets , Miller Motorcars wonderful display of exotics and a Riva Yacht Here are a few images from the event , Hope you like them . Jimmy Thank you for Looking !
  2. Ferrari
    Does anyone know if the white bi color ferrari 599 gto in this video is the only white with blue stripe built in the series? I sure would like to know as I located one recently . YouTube - Ferrari 599 GTO World Premiere
  3. Ferrari
    This might be one of the freshest 599 i have seen.The red neon lights compliment the red on the rims perfectly. This guy T.I. has good taste in a car's color combination I would say. What do you guys think? Too much or Just Right Also, visit my blog, ENJOY!
  4. Ferrari
    started at Ferrari of Silicon Valley ended at Sonoma's infineon Raceway
1-4 of 4 Results