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  1. Automotive
    Ride along for a rather fast POV drive behind the wheel of Ferrari's much loved 458 Italia. The roads are clear, the tunnels are open and you have 4.5-liters of hot, screaming V8 at the mercy of your right shoe...
  2. Automotive
    Ryan Tuerck and his team of mental misfits has delivered a Ferrari -powered Toyota 86... Tureck's GT-4586 project car, took its first breath just days before doors opened for SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas. The competition-spec Ferrari Frankenstein screams viscerally, with the 458's V8 haphazardly...
  3. Automotive
    Ryan Tuerck and a bunch of supercars? What could possibly go wrong? In this new episode of Network A 's Tuerck'd, Ryan heads to Vancouver, BC to meet up Daily Driven Exotics and their stable of Italian stallions.
  4. Automotive
    Apparently its owner thinks it is at ( 4:23 ). Youtuber Gumbal  just posted this video of a Ferrari 458 Speciale with Fi Exhaust System (Fi = Frequency intelligent), R3 Wheels and Marlboro livery wrap—and with its V8 engine and stainless steel exhaust system, it might just be the nicest 458...
  5. Automotive
    Mansory’s first generation Siracusa was based on the popular Ferrari 458 sports car. Since then, the 458 has been succeeded by the 488, with a completely new body design as the centrepiece of the reimagined Ferrari. As to be expected from Mansory, they stepped up alongside Ferrari with...
  6. Automotive
    A Ferrari 458 collided with an Audi early today in Milford Haven, Wales. According to initial reports, the 458 rear-ended the Audi. No one was injured in the crash, with fire and police noting all involved parties were out of their vehicles when they arrived. In terms of the car’s condition...
  7. Automotive
    Ferrari fanatics have been patiently waiting for the successor to the seriously cool 458. It was the last naturally-aspirated mid-engine V8 they produced, ushering in the era of tubro-charged. The new Ferrari 488 GTB was revealed in Geneva last spring, and while it looks similar to its...
  8. Ferrari
    Check out this very LOUD Chrome Green wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia fitted with a custom exhaust system doing several revs and an acceleration! The exhaust sound of this Ferrari 458 Italia is definitely not coming from a stock exhaust, but which exhaust is it?
  9. Ferrari
    Check out this gorgeous Ferrari 458 Speciale revving it up, doing several accelerations and drag races versus Nissan GT-R's & others! The exhaust sound of the 458 Speciale is definitely not too bad!
  10. Ferrari
    VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Spider MPH CLUB So we haven't been very active on this forum but we have decided to revamp and stir things up a bit with one of our latest videos featuring our very own Ferrari 458 Spider. Feel free to like, comment and share and let us know if you want to see more content...
  11. Ferrari
    MISHA Designs We are excited to release our first renderings for our next project; the Ferrari 458 body kit. This body kit will have two versions; The regular Ferrari 458 body kit and a Limited Edition Ferrari 458 wide body kit which will only be available to 20 units. The regular body kit...
  12. Autos/Auto Related
    These are factory original Ferrari 458 Italia Engine Mesh covers taken off of our 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Novitec. They are in perfect condition with now scratched, dents, chips, etc. We removed these and replaced them with Carbon Fiber made covers. Asking $250 firm for both. We can ship these...
  13. Ferrari
    Video Created By Potresse, official dealer of Armytrix exhaust system in central America EXOTIC CAR SERVICE HOUSTON THE WOODLANDS TEXAS Potresse website: Armytrix website:
  14. Wheels & Tires
    Wheel/Tire Info: SV25-C | Xtreme Concave 21x9.0 | 22x12 Finish: C. Match/Red Center, C. Match Outer Tires: Pirelli PZero 255/30R21 and 335/25R22 Built by: Exclusive Motoring Photos by: Raymond Neice
  15. Ferrari
    Wheel/Tire Info: SV25-C | Xtreme Concave 21x9.0 | 22x12 Finish: C. Match/Red Center, C. Match Outer Tires: Pirelli PZero 255/30R21 and 335/25R22 Built by: Exclusive Motoring Photos by: Raymond Neice
1-20 of 47 Results