ferrari 330 p4

  1. At Nearly 50 Years Old, the Ferrari 330 P4 is Still Sexy AF...

    The Ferrari 330 P4 is possibly one of the rarest cars to ever roll out of Maranello, only four purpose built race cars were ever built to take the fight back to the Ford GT40 at Le Mans. The P4 used used Ferrari's renowned three-valve cylinder head design as first used on the brand's Grand Prix...
  2. VIDEO: Ferrari 330 P4 REPLICA by Noble Acceleration Sounds!

    This 'official' Ferrari 330 P4 replica by Noble is no. 6 of just 10 worldwide! Ferrari gave Noble exclusive permission to build ten replica's of the legendary Ferrari 330 P4, and Noble definitely did a good job! What do you think of this Replica? Does it look and sound good to you? Comment below!