ferrari 250 gto

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  1. Automotive
    And it’s just in your price range too! This Ferrari 250 GTO has been listed for £45 Million (about $56.4 Million) and already received at least one offer. Once this sale clears it will be the most expensive Ferrari ever sold. What could drive up the cost of this vintage Italian? Well its in...
  2. Automotive
    Yes, yes, oh yes. Meet the Ferrari 250 GTO, a homologated GT-car purpose built for racing. So purpose built was the 250 GTO that only 39 examples ever left Maranello, and each person who shelled out $18,000 to buy one needed to be personally approved by the old man himself, Enzo Ferrari. GTO...
  3. Automotive
    We've been over the perils of vintage racing before , and the 2016 Goodwood Revival reminds us once again how mental it is that people actually race these nearly priceless pieces of automotive history. During the RAC Tourist Trophy race the ambitious Cobra tries to stuff one down the inside of...
  4. Automotive
    To outsiders, vintage racing is one of the most pointless exercises in sound and fury--let's take our priceless investments and hurtle them around a tarmac ribbon, consistently under threat from hungry Armco barriers and the laws of physics. But that's exactly what makes the spectacle so...
1-4 of 4 Results