1. Ferrari 458 HRE S107 by Autodynamica

    Hello Guys, We finished this beautiful red 458 with HRE's S 107 brushed/tinted clear 21" for rear & 20" for the front, novitec carbon fiber air box with modified air routing, high-performance exhaust system manufactured from Inconel, sport catalysts and a rear muffler. The sports exhaust alone...
  2. Vellano Wheels VKS Concave Carbon Lip

    Wheels & Tires
    Here is just a preview of the photo's shot today of the Vellano Wheels VKS concave with Carbon Lip.
  3. Ferrari 355 F1 GTS

    Did a shoot with this over the weekend. Subject is a 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 GTS its 1 of 2 Black Exterior tan interior F1 GTS's in the US and one of 529 F1 GTS's made. This is still one of my favorite Ferrari's made its just clean and simple and sounds great imo. It is actually for sale, so if...
  4. 458 Italia headers: HUGE power gains

    Fabspeed Motorsports 458 Italia headers: HUGE power gains Ladies and gents, I am offering a special for a short period of time on our 458 Italia Sport headers. These headers (like all Fabspeed products) are made by hand, in house, in the USA! They are Dyno tested and proven to make power or...
  5. Supercars Sound