fast and furious

  1. Watch Cars Fly and Explosions During Fast 8 Filming

    The next installment in the Fast and Furious series is currently filming in Cleveland and it looks  action packed .  While a previous video caught a single car being flung from a rooftop, this new behind-the-scenes video shows multiple cars flying from a parking garage along with explosions...
  2. Fast and Furiosa: Charlize Theron Joins Cast of Fast 8

    Charlize Theron will star in the upcoming Fast 8 movie. Although details on her role are currently vague, Theron is expected to play a villain of sorts and, reportedly, Universal approached her early for the role, but since the script was still being written, Theron did not want to commit until...
  3. Fast and Furious Star Takes Jaguar F-Type SVR to its Top Speed

    Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez is out to prove the  Jaguar  F-Type SVR is in fact the automaker’s fastest production series car to date. Rodriguez recently teamed up with the British automaker by hopping into the driver’s seat of the new Jaguar F-Type SVR in the Nevada desert. The...
  4. Want to Own the Fast and Furious Volkswagen Jetta? Here's How

    Another car featured in the Fast and Furious movie franchise is crossing the auction block. This custom 1995 Volkswagen Jetta starred in the original movie and is currently owned by Frankie Muniz of TV, music, movie and racing fame. Looking just like it did when the movie was filmed, the...
  5. Here's Your Chance to Own a Ferrari That's So Fast, it's Illegal!

    There are Ferraris, and then there are Ferraris. The Italian luxury car company’s 458 Challenge is the latter, a step up from your ‘average’ Ferrari sports car. This particular model up for grabs is a previously-raced 2012 Challenge competition Ferrari, designed and engineered to compete in...
  6. Here comes the SCREAM of Godzilla GT-R R35, WATCH OUT headphone users!

    Asian Auto
    Armytrix Exhaust GT-R R35 MONSTER SOUND, WATCH OUT!!! Unique features: *No idling raspy sound comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. *Less raspy sound at WOT comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. *Cleaner and solid exhaust tone comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system...
  7. Cars of Fast and Furious 6

    Fast and Furious 6 is coming out tomorrow, who is going to see it? Here are a few cars that are featured in the movie. Not going to lie, that Ford is pretty sick: