1. Personalized Straps!

    Lots of options to personalize! From $179-$229.
  2. Watch this Sexy Pro Surfer Ride Waves in High Heels

    Surfing is one of the hardest sports out there. We couldn’t imagine how much skill you’d need to pull these turns off in sexy heels, but pro surfer Maud Le Car is so good on a board she blends high style and high skills in the video clip below. And she makes it look effortless...

    Hi Luxury lovers, I am fashion designer currently working on establishing my fashion brand KORLEKIE. KORLEKIE will be a luxury fashion womenswear brand that creates unique clothing using a variety craft (eg knitting and digital print) to create elegant and glamorous clothing for women to love +...
  4. Virtual Styling Delivered to your Home

    Hey everyone, just thought I would share this website with the community. Its a company I began working for a few weeks ago. You fill out style preferences and you can give them pictures from your facebook etc. and then based on that they send you clothes every month. Its definitely lacking with...
  5. Orange County Tailors?

    Hey guys, so I was originally going to post this in fashion, but since it is location/region specific I figured this would make more sense. I have recently bought some clothing that needs to be tailored and I am trying to find a good modern tailor in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. Does...
  6. Is all in!

    UK 2011-12 registration number plate AD11DAS is all in! Sportsmans final touch to there supercars
  7. Woven Society - New online fashion store

    Just found this new online retailer that specializes in high quality everything. Their philosophy is simple, you can live well with less as long as you surround yourself with high-quality, well made products. Unlike other websites such as jackthreads, plndr, gilt, parkandbond, etc. Woven...
  8. Vincent's Life Thru a Lens

    Hi everyone, I thought I should post my photos here as well since I love what everyone else here does with their cameras! I'm open to tips and trix for what I could have done better, both shooting and post production. That's because I need to expand my thoughts when shooting and editing :) I'm...
  9. Florida Ferrari & Maserati Mystery

    European Auto
    Liking cars is ok. Loving cars is even better. What is NOT ok is combining a lack of fashion sense with exotic and luxury car logo clothing (a Ferrari Kangol Cap and a bedazzled Maserati Shirt), an Ed Hardy belt, and Polo shorts so short that John Stockton would refuse to wear them. That is...
  10. SHIRAKIPHOTO: Fast Cars & Hot Girls

    Hi my name is Jordan Shiraki of ShirakiPhoto. I'm based out of Las Vegas and specialize in automotive and high fashion photography. Nicole Brown of DC Motors suggested me join this forum and I've met a number of really fantastic people in the few short weeks that I've been here. And I hope to...