1. Watch this Ferrari LaFerrari Meet all of its Predecessors... And Race Them

    You may remember YouTube star Alejandro Salomon and his Hyper 5 series we chronicled here at L4P. Well Salomon is back with another series on supercars, but this time around, he’s all about Ferrari. Instead of having the world’s best hypercars duke it out on the track, Salomon has...
  2. Check Out This Beautiful Ferrari Collection—It’s Expected to Sell for $13.5 Million

    Feast your eyes on Tony Shooshani’s prized Ferrari collection. Gorgeous, right? In January, these beautiful beasts could be sitting in your garage, patiently waiting for you to hop behind the wheel. Next month, Scottsdale Gooding & Company will be auctioning off part of Shooshani’s...
  3. Ferrari Supercar Trio Worth $7 Million For Sale at One Dealership

    duPont REGISTRY
    At Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, you can purchase a multi-million dollar Ferrari trio, including the F40, F50 and Enzo. See the prices and more info at: Ferrari Trio Worth $7+ Million at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale
  4. Liberty Walk Ferrari F50 - Shot by Speedhunters

    The Other Legend: Liberty Walk F50 | Speedhunters Pretty cool car imo.
  5. Ferrari F50 Showdown Video

  6. F50 burnout

    One of my favorite Ferrari's burning out
  7. It's time to choose! F50? F60? F60 FXX?

    I made a video about 2 of the greatest Ferrari ever made, and I ask you to choose...which one would you take? the rare and roofless F50? or maybe the almighty Enzo? or even the Enzo with lovely black rims and some FXX details? it's up to you to choose! it's a shame that no F40 showed up...
  8. Ferrari Club Milan Meeting: 100+ Ferraris!

    Last sunday, Ferrari Club Milan held its annual meet in the gorgeous scenario of Piazza Duomo: more than one hundred Ferraris were there!!Here's my video of this incredible event:
  9. Peek-a-boo I see you

    European Auto
    Only at JP Logistics...
  10. Photoshop Insanity !!!!! Enzo F50 F40 288 GTO

    Original pic grigio medio Nero for Bleezy!
  11. Recognize Anyone?

    I'm not trying to incite a riot on the board, but I thought I would post it up in case anyone recognized the cars. Ferrari Parking