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  1. Automotive
    Check out this 7 minute slice of heaven from the latest Ferrari Racing Days event at the Hockenheimring in Germany's picturesque Rhine valley. From roadcars to racecars, Ferrari brought a full gamut of glorious and gorgeous machinery--F40, Enzo, LaFerrari, FXXK, 599XX, along with several...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    Hey everyone!!! Im a wheel enthusiast and have a set of Speedline (SL364) centerlocks for Ferrari F40 and debating on either: completely refinishing them to original and try to get top dollar OR sell them as is and just touch up some tiny rash marks and few paint chips and sell as is. The...
  3. Automotive
    Takeshi Kimura of Car Guy just teamed up with Red Bull to release this short video of him hooning up the slopes of a Japanese ski resort—with tire chains! This is insane...
  4. European Auto
    Ever since owning a Rosso Corsa colored Ferrari F40 Hot Wheels as a child, the legend of this car had been imprinted in my memory. Finally getting to see one up close & personal was a genuine honor and breathtaking experience for me. It’s challenging to improve on the F40’s near perfect styling...
  5. Automotive
    You may remember YouTube star Alejandro Salomon and his Hyper 5 series we chronicled here at L4P. Well Salomon is back with another series on supercars, but this time around, he’s all about Ferrari. Instead of having the world’s best hypercars duke it out on the track, Salomon has...
  6. Automotive
    Feast your eyes on Tony Shooshani’s prized Ferrari collection. Gorgeous, right? In January, these beautiful beasts could be sitting in your garage, patiently waiting for you to hop behind the wheel. Next month, Scottsdale Gooding & Company will be auctioning off part of Shooshani’s...
  7. duPont REGISTRY
    At Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, you can purchase a multi-million dollar Ferrari trio, including the F40, F50 and Enzo. See the prices and more info at: Ferrari Trio Worth $7+ Million at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale
  8. Photography
    Yo L4P, I just recently shot the Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari F40 you've probably seen on the Discovery channel for HRE Wheels. I planned out a particular shot I wanted to do as a teaser to the whole set we'll be releasing soon. I wanted it to be over the top, so what better than flying through...
  9. Ferrari
    A very sad sad scene of a F40 in vancouver when a guy crashed it over the weekend.
  10. Canada
    28 Ferrari's and a aston martin showed up from this all exclusive cruise organised by the ferrari club canada which i was very glad to be a part of thanks to mario for letting me ride in his 355 and yes there was a rare f40 that came out as well. enjoy the pics. check out the full album some...
  11. Marketplace
    Did this as a sample, but I have decided to switch canvas types so I have no use for this one! Printed on semi-glossy fine art canvas, wrapped on 1.75" stretcher bars gallery style (image wrapping the frame all the way to the wall). 18x28" image size $200.00 Will ship & accept PayPal
  12. Arts and Entertainment
    Hey everyone! A lot of the people on the board have already seen the images I've been shooting the past couple years... One of the most popular sets is of the Dinoc/Matte Ferrari F40 from up here in Canada. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a limited run of 20-25 signed prints of the...
  13. Ferrari
    He shows up almost every weekend in the spring/summer, but it never gets old!
  14. Ferrari
    I spent part of the day at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan shooting some pics at during the Ferrari FCA track day. The weather was gorgeous, but the cars were even nicer. Definitely wasn't your typical track day line up of cars... this one included an F40, a 599 GTO, a 458, a 333...
  15. Ferrari
    Original pic grigio medio Nero for Bleezy!
  16. Ferrari
    This Challenge Stradale, th F40 and the 430 Scuderia have been modified and are maintained by TT Competizioni aka member Challenge it more pics from ITZ|Kirb coming soon . . . .
  17. Ferrari
    I'm not trying to incite a riot on the board, but I thought I would post it up in case anyone recognized the cars. Ferrari Parking
1-18 of 18 Results