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  1. Ferrari
    * Hard to imagine we know, but every now and then a supercar owner gets bored with his exotic. With so many aftermarket options available making a decision can be a bit overwhelming for sure. But fret not wearied exotic owner, we’ve got a great illustration of exactly what to do when you want...
  2. Ferrari
    With holiday orders coming in left and right the team here at Wheels Boutique HQ has been kept very busy. The men at ANRKY Wheels have also been working their tails off attempting to keep up with demand and what we created here together is a true gem. Let us know what you think about this...
  3. Ferrari
    There’s no arguing that Rosso Corsa is the most popular color of choice among current and future Ferrari owners alike, but sometimes a gentleman or woman has a dark side they must cater to. This F12 Berlinetta is a prime example of that with its Nero factory paint scheme and custom 3-piece HRE...
  4. Ferrari
    After working with Grammy-winning artist Drake on his previous Aventador Roadster we were fortunate enough to work with the Toronto native once again – this time on his Berlinetta. This Ferrari F12 is equipped with HRE’s S207 in a satin black / brushed dark clear combo that complements all the...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta x BRIXTON FORGED R25 TARGA SERIES Dedicated to innovation and industry trend setting, Concept Motorsport holds a reputation of putting out some of the sexiest cars in Indonesia. Combining the essence of lightweight step-lip rim halves and super concave profile forgings...
  6. Ferrari
    Recorded these cars in Beverly Hills and thought I'd share. They both sound ridiculously good in their own ways. The F12's V12 is amazing! Hope you enjoy! 991 Porsche 911 Turbo + Ferrari F12berlinetta Accelerations - YouTube
  7. Ferrari
    OK, here is my experience, and for the record, I have never had such experience with all of my other super cars. I went shopping for a car at the Geneva show last March 2013, I usually flip cars every two years, and 2014 is the time for a new whip.. so I walked around the show, and the only...
  8. Ferrari
    What a beauty sound!!!Any one know this brand??Positive??Price??
  9. Ferrari
    Happy Easter from DMC Germany! Can you find how many hidden Easter Eggs are in this F12 "SPIA" Promo, and point out their location in the grid?
  10. Ferrari
    I had the opportunity to attend and photograph the Tampa Bay unveiling of the brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta last month. A fantastic event with food, friends, and tons of Ferraris. The new car is amazing in every way. I spent about 10 minutes inside the car looking over all the fine details...
  11. Ferrari
    Here are a few from an Unveiling at Ferrari Maserati in long Island New York , Here are a few of my best images from that Evening
  12. BMW
    A couple weeks ago I spent some time in the new 2013 BMW M6 Convertible. My last experience with an M6 was at a BMW event out at Laguna Seca. That was mostly track time, though, and only had about 20 minutes to take it on the surrounding roads. After driving this convertible around familiar...
  13. BMW
    For those who may think our full kit for the F12/F13 6 series is a bit too much, we offer something much more mild for those with the M Technic package. Featuring a well fitted front add-on, our vented side skirts, crafted rear diffuser and integrated decklid spoiler that will make your friend's...
1-14 of 14 Results