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  1. BMW
    Spanning over 30 years and with 5 different model generations, BMW’s M5 has long been the epitome of luxury sport sedans. Sure there may be some family four-doors that are more luxurious and some that are more sporty – but none that blend the two together as effortlessly as the M5 has done for...
  2. European Auto
    If you want your car to look, sound, and perform better then look no further than the premium products installed on this BMW F10 M5. Akrapovic’s Titanium exhaust takes care of waking up the neighbors while Vorsteiner’s Carbon Fiber Aero pieces add another level of racing inspiration onto the...
  3. BMW
    Hey guys. I'm selling a brand new set of Vorsteiner VSE-003 forged wheels custom made to specifically fit F10 5-Series'. The wheels are still in their original boxes and have never been mounted. An advantage of acquiring these is that you don't have wait a number of weeks for a new set to be...
  4. BMW
    Fun Fact: The word "Fitment" literally can't be spelt without F Ten. Which is funny because you should never see an F10 that doesn't have fitment. The Indonesian fitment masters at Antelope Ban went with an aggressive set of ADV5 Track Function SL wheels on this BMW M5. The wheel gap is so tiny...
  5. BMW
    Just picked it up this past monday. Looking for a nice set of rims (probably a set of HRE's) after I do small things like reflectors, side grilles etc. Loving the car so far! A nice change from my E92 M3. Thanks for your time.
  6. BMW
    Brixton Forged x 2007 BMW 550i When looking for hot, modified and modern BMW 5-Series sedans today there is no short in the recent explosion of gorgeous modified F10 BMW M5’s. Amongst all the new hype it has been easy to forget the older brother to the F10, the E60 sedan. When we received these...
  7. BMW
    Exhaust Tone: GPOWER F10 M5 pushing 640HP. Titanium Exhaust System. - YouTube 21' Forged Wheels Ceramic Breaks 640HP! :)
  8. BMW
    Had the pleasure of shooting an exceptionally clean F10 this morning as the turnout of Cars & Coffee in Irvine was dismal at most due to rain. This however, certainly made up for it. Enjoy. - Duncan Modifications listed as: H&R springs 3D design carbon rear diffuser IND rear badge IND gloss...
  9. BMW
    We got the order in from BMW North America that they have 2 BMW's that need to be rushed out ASAP to Long Beach, CA... Of course JPL did what we had to do and sent out an 6 Car Carrier for these two cars only... Long Beach? Sounds familiar huh? Guess what!? These will be at the Long Beach...
  10. BMW
    BMW F10 5 Series 550i on 20" Vossen VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels / Rims - YouTube The 5 is looking at you! This particular modified 5 series took the internet community by storm for being so cleanly executed with the perfect stance with the 20″ Vossen CV3 wheels. This vehicle is modified from head...
  11. BMW
    First F10 M5 I've seen out and about... I've got to admit, I like the styling alot in person. I'm a sucker for the V10 though. The three digit number plate suggests it is someone high up in the Royal Al Thani family.
  12. BMW
    My 2011 535i F10 Interior tour and pictures! [Vids&Pics] Brand new 535i Almost fully equipped except the widescreen nav. Pictures:
  13. Ferrari
  14. BMW
    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying the Hamman Anniversary Evo Rims for my 2011 550i Xdrive. They are 20 inch rims and they are 8.5x20 in the front and 10x20 in the back. Are there any problems with this size rim? Should it fit fine on my car? I have never purchased aftermarket rims so sorry for...
1-15 of 15 Results