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  1. McLaren Special Operations Has Old V12s It Just Lends To People

    Provided your McLaren F1 needs service that is...  Even though early examples of the legendary supercar turn 25 this year, it doesn't mean McLaren Special Operations has forgotten about the company's revolutionary and rare machine. Famously BMW provided 618bhp, 6.1-litre S70/2 V12s for...
  2. No need for fancy titles here... McLaren F1 GTR

    I have been lucky enough to stand in front of a legend: a 1996 McLaren F1 GTR. This was my first F1...can't wait to see a road-legal one, maybe out in the wild!! Enjoy!
  3. Anyone here know anything about the McLaren F1?

    Ooooh, I do! I do! I do! :laugh: Okay, so I am officially kicking myself out of L4P's fantastic "Dream Garage" thread, because while the content I was presenting there was appreciated by some, my stories and some of the images weren't really in keeping with the original theme of that thread...