1. Ferrari 458 Spider MPH CLUB

    VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Spider MPH CLUB So we haven't been very active on this forum but we have decided to revamp and stir things up a bit with one of our latest videos featuring our very own Ferrari 458 Spider. Feel free to like, comment and share and let us know if you want to see more content...
  2. AIMEDIA / Automotive photographer

    One of the last photo session: AUDI RS6 Biturbo 4.2L If you want to order photo session, just send me message!
  3. Lexus LFA first one in europe Sound - Moving Video FILE404

    Asian Auto
    Here is my Video from the first Lexus LFA in Europe. It took me a while to finish this project but here it is. i hope you like it. if anyone else is interetest for some photos or videos - let me know. is my fb page with other videos and pictures
  4. 1971 Pantera 1/63 restored and rebuilt

    Autos/Auto Related
    One of only 63 Panteras were made in August of 1971 was sold in 1972. 5600 miles since restoration. 800 miles on newly installed 351. Major weight reduction with titanium upgrades throughout the vehicle... just shy of 2000lbs and 550hp SAE It has always been garaged, has no rust and is in...
  5. I got hooked...My new GT3RS

    I have been M.I.A. for a while; and I know I promised more pictures of my GT2 but I have been on the hunt for my new toy. If you look back to some of my first posts you will notice my struggle to commit to a GT3RS. At the time of my posts I was relatively new to the "super car" mind set. My...
  6. The taste of Malaysia - Exotic cars of Kuala Lumpur by Imola Motorsports

    Hello everyone! Thought i would share with you the exotics on the eastern hemisphere, Mostly here at Imola Motorsports - Kuala Lumpur to be precise. Hope you all like the photos! Enjoy ;) In Imola we admire the ones who see things differently, whose imagination goes beyond the skies. We break...
  7. The New Porsche 918 Spyder showed up at Cars & Coffee Irvine yesterday! (video)

    Captured video of the Porsche 918 Spyder which showed up to Cars and Coffee Irvine yesterday!
  8. Vision SZR DTLA Photoshoot! Run the night of LA

    Vision SZR photoshoot in DTLA - Run the night of LA. Turn up Check out the rest of photos at my fb page @
  9. Lamborghini Miura S (Red over Gold) Photoshoot

    The Lamborghini Miura has been a favorite of mine for quite some time and one of the "unicorn cars" that I hoped to do a photoshoot with at some point. Earlier this year I had a chance to shoot a gorgeous "Pistachio Verde" one (which you can see here: Lamborghini Miura S: Automotive Royalty «...
  10. Koenigsegg Crashes into bystanders in Poland

    Too much power or an ignorant driver? What do you think? 24 people injured including 2 children and 4 in critical condition. Koenigsegg Car Crash in Poland 30/06/2013 | All 3 Angles [Raw HD Footage] - YouTube
  11. Ferrari F50 Showdown Video

  12. Arabian Cars on Instagram

    Instagram For every car enthusiast on Instgram, go check out and follow @arabiancars! We represent the Best Cars of the Middle East, allowing owners to share their cars, as well as photographers to share their photos! Tag us in your photos (#arabiancars) to be featured on the page! Join us...
  13. Arabian Cars on Instagram

    Middle East
    Instagram For every car enthusiast on Instgram, go check out and follow @arabiancars! We represent the Best Cars of the Middle East, allowing owners to share their cars, as well as photographers to share their photos! Tag us in your photos (#arabiancars) to be featured on the page! Join us...
  14. Supercar Show June 16 : SSC Ultimate Aero Bugatti McLaren F1 and more...

    We are so excited to invite you to the Inaugural Gala and Super Car Show benefiting the CF Charities scholarship fund for graduating students of the Oral Health Academies of Philadelphia and Baltimore. A fantastic weekend of events can have you dining, dancing and bidding at our Black Tie Gala...
  15. That NSX! - By the Airport - Almost arrested but worth!

    Asian Auto
    So I got in trouble taking these!! Seems like you are not supposed to take photos around certain airports or areas around it! Still I managed to do some! To see All photos in their full uncompressed glory Please click: Moyano Photography - © That NSX! **Please share that link and click ads...
  16. What would be the better car? Ferrari california vs Aston Marin DBS?

    Hi I'm thinking of getting either a used aston martin dbs or a Ferrari California after watching recent price drops on used models. What car would you guys recommend as a car to not only have fun driving but also attract some attention from the ladies? :lol::lol: I know this part of the forum...
  17. AE Performance Car Meet Picture Thread

    Finally got time to edit some photos from the AE Car Meet...figure I would make a thread to share all the pics everyone has taken. Here are my photos and please add yours. :clap: AEPerformance_Meet_march22013-4597 by NicoJarrettPhotography, on Flickr AEPerformance_Meet_march22013-4633 by...
  18. Launch of Diamond Dice Photography Website

    Diamond Dice provide the official images for Ferrari in the South West of England. With photographs published in the World Wide Ferrari magazine, the photos are produced to the highest standard with capture and post production. We also work close to luxury brands like Harrods here in London...
  19. 2013 Range Rover

    I will be getting my 2013 Range Rover in the first week of February and I am BEYOND pumped so i thought it would be cool for as members get their new beauties to post pictures and owners reviews because there really aren't any out there yet! Let me know if you ordered your too! never had to pre...
  20. L4P Run V2.0 | OC

    L4P Run V2.0 | EuroCar OC->The Ritz Laguna Niguel EuroCar OC-> The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Make sure you can come out for this one. Meet at EuroCar OC at 10am on November 24th, hang out for an hour or so, grab some complimentary refreshments and snacks and we'll get on the road. If...