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  1. Boston exotic cars

    European Auto
    Hi I was wondering if there is any exotic car spotting places in Boston Massachusetts? And if possible, is there a recommended day for exotic spotting, and/or, a recommended time range when people drive their luxury/exotic cars? Thanks so much for the help.
  2. Prescott Cars and Coffee April 16th, 2016

    WHEN: April 16th, 2016 8am-12pm(Roll in starts at 7:30am) WHERE: Prescott Gateway Mall 3250 Prescott Blvd, Prescott, Arizona 86303 INFO: We are looking for unique, special interest, rare and limited run vehicles that embody the automotive lifestyle and passion: CLASSICS/MUSCLE (Mustang Boss...
  3. This Maserati is 8x More Rare Than a Ferrari Enzo

    At this time of year, car junkies are beelining to Switzerland for the annual Geneva Motor Show. If fans can’t get enough supercars over the 10-day event, they can make their way to Carugati Automobiles for round two of ridiculous supercars. Case in point: this white Maserati MC12 snapped up...
  4. Video: Exotic Cars of Marbella 2013!

    This summer holiday I went to Marbella and as expected I have seen lots and lots of exotic cars there! I was staying in Puerto Banús, a marina built by José Banús where luxury cars meet yachts. This is a relatively ''small'' compilation of the cars that I have seen. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's...
  5. My little Porsche Kremer CK5 !

    I got so much feedback in my last Thread so i thought to post another one of my Cars ! The Next Car i reveal will be my '08 Mosler MT900 SuperCharged! Enjoy the Pics :D Some Specs : 780 Miles 1982 Model 780 HP Motor from a Porsche 935 with Kugelfisch injection gear box: 917/30, 4-speed...
  6. ****Beverly Glen Exotic Car Meet**** 03-11-12****Lots of Pics

    Hello L4Pers, I just wanted to share some pics from the most recent Beverly Glen Exotic Car Meet. It was a pretty good turnout and some amazing automotive machinery made an appearance. :) Hope yunz enjoy the pics.
  7. Tom Wolf | Automotive Photography

    Hey guys! I am new on L4P so I would like to introduce myself: My name is Tom and I am a 18-years old guy from Hamburg, Germany and I am living in Miami Beach from September 2011 until March 2012 to study and improve my english skills. One year ago I started taking pictures of nice cars in my...
  8. Hidai Diaz Photography

    My name is Hidai Diaz, i am of Hispanic origin which most people would have never guessed because of my first name. I hope that the pictures i take can let you feel the emotions that i felt when taking them, after all "A picture is worth a thousand words" If you would like to do some colab...
  9. Exotic Car Driving Experience - Track in Orlando???

    European Auto
    I originally heard about this from a post made on a wdwmagic forum…But I just now found this website: Project Exotic . Sounds like there really will be an exotic car driving experience in Orlando starting January 2012. The site doesn’t specify the cars or the track layout yet, but they are...
  10. Paris Car Spotting

    Hello guys these are photos of the cars I spotted during my recent trip to Paris, For more please like my Facebook page you can also check my Flickr
  11. Arash Photographi

    This is some random preview of my work some of them are just cars I spotted some for clients and other for car magazine so If you like my work check out my Facebook page : Arash Sheikholeslami Photography | Facebook Make sure you like it and don't forget to share it Thank you. You can also check...
  12. 9K Photography(Northeast Pic Thread)

    Since i have yet to see a pic thread on L4P which showcases events, photoshoots etc, in the Northeast. So i figured id share some of my pictures with you guys! :). Please do not hesitate to tell me ways in which i can improve my photos, i am always looking to learn new things. I will keep this...