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  1. Lotus
    Please Sticky! Alright guys and gals let see those Lotus builds! Elise, Exige, or Evora, doesn't matter! Post em up!
  2. Supercars
    Buddy of mine just picked it up, and at first look I was stumped... never knew about Rossion until now. He was influenced by his brothers Exige-S (also pictured). Shoot was a spur of the moment kind of deal, however do have a full model feature planned with it ASAP. FULL Shoot: Brothers in Cars...
  3. Lotus
    Turn up your volume! My friends Lotus Exige 240S Supercharged with a titanium exhaust.
  4. Lotus
    (My friend's car, Just posting it on the 4 for him) Here is a link to more Hi-Res pictures Pictures by bolten727 - Photobucket This is a very well taken care of, "babied" 2005 Silver Lotus Elise. I've had this car for almost a year and love it but my rent was just raised and have to sell...
  5. Lotus
    Took this baby for a run from Melbourne to Sydney a few weeks back, here's just the pics - if you want to read the lengthy review on the experience check here. (click any for hi-res)
1-5 of 5 Results