exhaust system

  1. Ferrari California tuned F1-like exhaust sounds with Armytrix Titanium Performance Exhaust

    Armytrix just developed a full titanium performance exhaust system with valves for Ferrari California, with countless efforts and time re-engineering prototypes and re-tune the exhaust sounds, we finally make it to have that "Distinctive" high-pitch sounds we are looking for, it's not just loud...
  2. Porsche 981 Boxster S w/ Armytrix Super SPort Variable Exhaust - loud revs!

    In the video, the exhaust sounds start from valves closed, valves opened, then valves auto opened @ 4000 rpm. Check out the product information in here:
  3. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce China limited edition with Armytrix titanium exhaust!

    F1 screaming exhaust sound World lightest LP670-4 titanium valvetronic exhaust built by Armytrix
  4. McLaren MP4 recommended exhaust system

    What exhaust system is highly recommended for the McLaren mp4? Is it possible to just do a muffler delete (instead of a full exhaust system) to make the car sound louder?