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  1. Lotus
    Please Sticky! Alright guys and gals let see those Lotus builds! Elise, Exige, or Evora, doesn't matter! Post em up!
  2. Automotive
    I spent a few hours throughout Downtown Sarasota, Florida with a Laser Blue Lotus Evora S this past weekend. A 345 hp supercharged V6 makes for some fun times cruising around to different shoot locations. The rest can be seen on my on my website Peter Tromboni Photography And be sure to hit...
  3. Lotus
    I joined because of the amazing garage picture thread but wanted to join the Lotus people as that is my current daily toy. 2011 Lotus Evora - Ardent Red over Oyster and slowly going through little changes to make it sound like it looks. Currently putting a custom muffler cat back system...
  4. Lotus
    Turn up your volume! My friends Lotus Exige 240S Supercharged with a titanium exhaust.
  5. Lotus
    I just finished reading this article: The Everyday Supercar It left me wondering is the Evora a Supercar? What truely makes a car a Supercar? Speed, horsepower, engine location, limited production, performance? Based on the handling, limited production, mid-engine layout and having driven the...
  6. Lotus
    So a good customer where I work just received is brand new Evora and came by the show us is new toy. :) The car look really great and the interior as a nice finish. You have more room inside than I thought you would have but the difficult part is going inside the car (like every Lotus). After...
1-6 of 6 Results