1. Hawaii 5-0! TechArt GT-S 996 Turbo comes to Shark Werks for 660 HP

    This 2003 996 Turbo came in with a few upgrades, but the owner wanted even more. So for this round, he decided on the EVOMS GT660 (660 HP) package including a number of bells and whistles. You can see this is a special 996 Turbo, featuring the Type II GTS front bumper, rear wing, and side...
  2. Fabspeed Motorsport Race Exhaust Components

    Fabspeed Motorsports has been very busy this year building Race Exhaust components not only for the vehicles used in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Series, Cayman Interseries, and the International Trophy Cup, but also for the daily driven vehicles that are involved with autocross and local track...
  3. A Simple Shark Werks Exhaust and LWF Turns into 3.9L Build

    This week we had a simple, understated silver GT3 show up from Southern California. The owner made the ~350 mile drive and dropped her off, then took a plane ride home to let us get to work. The requested upgrades were our bypass exhaust and EVOMSit software, but sometimes things can get a...
  4. This week @ Shark Werks: 997S and 997 C4S Cab

    This meteor gray 997S is taken to the local tracks regularly for driving events and open test days. Normally it runs around on silver HRE P40 Monoblock wheels, but with a track day right around the corner it was equipped with its 18-inch red and silver HRE C-21 competition wheels (with a...
  5. Meteor Gray 997TT Cab comes to Shark Werks for a round of upgrades

    This meteor grey 2008 997TT Cabriolet came in for a SharkWerks Stage II power-kit, including the EVOMSit software, a Tubi Exhaust system, the EVOMS Clubsport headers and the 82mm IPD Plenum and larger throttle body kit. Off comes the rear bumper to get access to the stock exhaust: On goes the...