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  1. Photography
    I had the pleasure of shooting and driving these a few weeks ago with Winding Road. We headed out to a local state park and nailed a few moving shots before we got kicked out, then had to find another location on the fly. Still, lots of fun spending a week with these two cars. Which do I prefer...
  2. Asian Auto
    Whats up guys, I was wondering if anybody knew how difficult it would be to import a legit Evo IV, none of that Mirage conversion garbage, I want as close to the real thing as I could get, and I was curious if anybody knew how hard it would be to get one over here. Thanks!
  3. Asian Auto
    As you probably know, Mitsubishi is planning to kill the Evolution or turn it into a hybrid. autoevolution created a Facebook Cause to keep the Evo alive and pure. Join our effort, let's show the company how many people disagree with its plan! Lend the Evo a click here. To make things clear...
1-4 of 6 Results