1. - The Most Epic Vacation You've Ever Been On? -

    So I'm getting into a period of my life where I really am appreciating experiences over possessions. Looking to do more travelling. To date my favourites have been: Whistler, British Columbia Lake Tahoe, California On my list of must do vacations I have: Santorini, Greece The Maldives Bora...
  2. kvk-photography

    I wanted to just share some photos i took the other day over at Lambo Newport, but then thought why not just having an on going thread i can just keep posting to now and again.. So I'll just post what ever my latest and/or greatest photos Ive come up with. Enjoy Facebook Website...
  3. ADV.1 End of Year Clearance - Now is the time to treat yourself!

    Wheels & Tires
    Santa Jordan said his sack is too full and he needs to empty it.. wait that doesn't sound right :lol: Anyway! Don't miss out on these in-stock sets! Now is the time to treat yourself to that set of wheels you have been wanting! E-mail [email protected] for more information. 2733: RANGE ROVER...
  4. Cayenne GTS with 22" ADV10 Deep Concaves!

    Porsche Cayenne GTS 22" ADV10 Deep Concave Thanks to Designo Autohouse!
  5. Incredible car park in Monaco! Enzo, Aventador, Gemballa...

    As every year, the Top Marques in Monaco gathered the best hypercars from around the world. I filmed this incredible combo in Fairmont Hotel's car park: parked one next to the other you can see a Ferrari Enzo, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Gemballa Mistrale, 3x 458... This is just an exemple of...
  6. Palm Beach Car Meets!!!!

    Hello everyone! Join us for Palm Beach Car Meets' Launch event! Palm Beach Car Meets is South Florida's premier car gathering where car enthusiasts can enjoy the company of people who share their passion of fine automobiles in a safe and fun environment. We will be hosting meets at the...
  7. 20 EPIC supercar pics spotted on the road!

    NON of these pictures are mine!!! Sorry that some pics are small, and some are way too big :p I don't know how to resize them...and there are 18 in total weird that he gave an error when I inserted only 19 images... These are a few I got from a spotting...
  8. Got the New Wheels for SLR - OLD or NEW?

    Still have the original wheels (HRE)... these are the first pics I have seen... I actually ordered the ADVs before we painted the HREs black as they just weren't doing it for me in brushed/black two tone... As soon as we did I was like OH SHIT can we cancel the ADVs??? Too Late... So figured...