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  1. Automotive
    You may remember YouTube star Alejandro Salomon and his Hyper 5 series we chronicled here at L4P. Well Salomon is back with another series on supercars, but this time around, he’s all about Ferrari. Instead of having the world’s best hypercars duke it out on the track, Salomon has...
  2. Automotive
    Feast your eyes on Tony Shooshani’s prized Ferrari collection. Gorgeous, right? In January, these beautiful beasts could be sitting in your garage, patiently waiting for you to hop behind the wheel. Next month, Scottsdale Gooding & Company will be auctioning off part of Shooshani’s...
  3. duPont REGISTRY
    At Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, you can purchase a multi-million dollar Ferrari trio, including the F40, F50 and Enzo. See the prices and more info at: Ferrari Trio Worth $7+ Million at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale
  4. Ferrari
    Such an amazing car, and the sound was insane! The event was in Pasadena. Concorso Ferrari 2014. Hope you guys enjoy! Click below to watch: Ferrari Enzo in Rosso Dino (1 of 1) - Start-up and Look Around - YouTube
  5. Supercars
    On Sunday I was invited along for a ZR Auto drive from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Banff, Alberta, Canada. They brought along the Ferrari Enzo ZXX, Novitec F430 & Brabus CLS 55 AMG. A few of ZR Auto's clients came along as well. Armed with four GoPro cameras, a hand-held camera and my D-SLR, it...
  6. Ferrari
    Last Thursday, I went over to ZR Auto in Calgary to see Zahir Rana's Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution by Edo Competition. This is the same Enzo that took the plunge into the Atlantic Ocean during the Targa Newfoundland Rally in 2011. I think the guys at Edo Competition did a great job restoring the...
  7. Supercars
    I took a trip over to ZR Auto yesterday to see Zahir Rana's Ferrari Enzo ZXX. He just got the car back from Edo Competition on Tuesday. I've got a story for with photos that'll be up tomorrow, but for now here's a video of the ZXX that I shot.
  8. Ferrari
    This is uncut footage of the ferrari's leaving Concorso Ferrari 2013 in Pasadena. Concorso Ferrari 2013 - Pasadena, CA Uncut Footage of Ferrari's Leaving - HD - YouTube :clap::clap::clap:
  9. Supercars
    uncut footage of these Italian machines leaving Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena Sunday. Concorso Ferrari 2013 - Pasadena, CA Uncut Footage of Ferrari's Leaving - HD - YouTube
  10. Supercars
    Here are some shots of the Red-Silver-Red Enzo gang from UK. Enjoy: http://[email protected]/8709685775/ http://[email protected]/8692057231/ http://[email protected]/8713466345/
  11. Ferrari
    What are your thoughts on this new Enzo successor?
  12. Ferrari
    This is video coverage of the Ferrari Festival that took place on Westheimer in Houston, Texas November 13,2012 to raise awareness and money for Cancer research Centers all over Texas. This video was brought you by B.G.N. Customs and Boyd Motorsports Auto Group with the birth of our vlog...
  13. Ferrari
    So last week I had a shoot for a dealership which included an Enzo, here in Dubai. So to get to the location and back, we used an Enzo.. Enjoy!
  14. Supercars
    For those of you who have not seen the ADV.1 / MAC Enzo, we finished this up about a year ago and the car has been blessing us with it's beauty ever since : ) Wheels are our ADV5.2 Style in the Track Spec SL Series. 20x9.5 front / 21x12.5 rear on Pirelli P-zero tires :bow1: Matte black centers...
  15. Ferrari
    I annually attend the Crescent Classic rally in Eureka Springs, AR every year (as a spectator). There are typically your run-of-the-mill 355s, 360s, and 430s with the occasional Scud or CS in attendance. I saw my first 458 there a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I am out of the country this...
  16. Ferrari
    Just saw this pic on thought ment to be shared well for sure it looks like the enzo replacement or also called as the F70. Personally i like what i see especially the wing mirrors but why is ferrari going with same style head lamps in all their new cars? Overall the cars a...
  17. Ferrari
    Please take a seat, dim the lights, grab some popcorn and your snuggie, and prepare yourself for visual stimulation Once in a lifetime opportunities are a rarity in the lives of most people. When they do present themselves I've always felt as if you should take every advantage possible and go...
  18. Ferrari
    The Gemballa MIG-U1 (Ferrari Enzo) is now in Paris ! Gemballa MIG-U1 par, sur Flickr This car is pretty ugly, but impressive... What do you think ? Gemballa MIG-U1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
1-20 of 39 Results