1. Why The Lamborghini Egoista Really is the Most Selfish Car in the World

    Automakers might develop a concept car for a number of reasons: to preview a future production model, to gauge reception to a new idea, or to showcase where the brand is going stylistically.  Whatever the motivation, a concept car is made to be shown off to the public – which usually means it...
  2. Is Lamborghini Really Going to Build This Car? There's a Good Chance Now They Just Did This

    Lamborghini has recently trademarked a name, which is mounting speculation on their next ambitious project. Car companies trademark names all the time, just in case they want to use it in the future, or to even spite competitors by taking away a potentially sweet name for them. But this is a...
  3. Lamborghini Egoista on display - AMAZING

    I had the rare opportunity to see in person the most controversial Lamborghini ever: the one-off Egoista. The car is amazing in real life, much nicer than how it appears in photos: the bodywork creates a real "fighter jet" feeling that is simply stunning! The only part that is a bit overboard is...