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  1. McLaren
    As of right now, the McLaren 675 LT Coupe is, after the P1, the most insane McLaren in existence. We filmed two of them at a cars & coffee event in Dusseldorf, Germany. One of them, with the yellow striping details, was tuned by Edo Competition! In the video you can see both 675 LT's arriving at...
  2. Ferrari
    Was lucky enough to get a full tour of the Ferrari ZXX owned by Zahir Rana (ZR Auto) he let me do a full walk around and did a start up! 900 Horses of loudness!! It was built, painted and tuned by Edo Competition. This is the same Enzo that took a little dip into the Atlantic Ocean a couple...
  3. Porsche
    From Russia with love! Spotted this monster today in Paris. Silver Porsche Carrera GT with an Edo Competition kit : a massive carbon-fiber wing is added, as well as some light modifications on the hood. Just so you know, the stock Carrera GT has 612 horse power. This one now has around 770 hp...
1-3 of 3 Results