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  1. Photography
    Having totally re-branded my photography (originally GNGPhoto), design and artwork under the new name JustSomeStyle (just some style) I realized I needed to start a new thread with updated work. To start here are some pictures from a photoshoot with L4P member OERDINGE93's E93 M3...
  2. BMW
    Just got back from my European Delivery in Munich. Myself and two other friends just picked up M3's. Mine is the Space Gray Vert on the left. We drove them from Munich to Paris, then to Amsterdam. Hell of a trip. Its on the boat now back to the states, can't wait to get it back. Did 150mph...
  3. Travel
    I just received my delivery date for my E93. I'll be picking up the car in Munich in early April. I've been to Europe before but never to Grrrmany. I'm looking for any suggestions of what to do/see and maybe where to stay in Munich.
1-3 of 3 Results