e30 m3

  1. :Kinetechniks E30 M3 Color Correct by LUCCI ELITE::

    Who?!: Lucci ELITE LUCCI ELITE DETAIL My Rating: 11.5/10 Here is the Detail write up: Pricing: I should have paid more! Exceptional value :clap: On to the review: I wish I had more shots of the Before on...
  2. Our TAG Motorsports Project E30 M3 in This Months EUROPEAN CAR MAGAZINE

    Hey all, As some of you know, our Project E30 M3 is in this months European Car Magazine with a great write-up. Make sure you pick up a copy :clap: What do you think? I will post up some great HI-Res pictures of the car soon! :D
  3. TAG Project Red Baron: E30 M3

    The E30 M3! A dream for some of us, a reality for a few... We had the honor of building one of our favorite customer's E30 M3's last year. The car came to us as a 1988 BMW M3 with ONLY 28,000 original miles on the clock. Our customer purchased the car New in 1988 and has kept it in his...
  4. My E30 M3

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. This was my E30 M3 until I sold it a few months ago. I owed it for about 7 years and it was bone stock when I got it. I didn't really need or want to sell it but since I was traveling so much and the car ended being stored a lot I decided it was best to pass...