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  1. L4P Racing
    Found this trailer for the 2012 DTM season that started a couple weeks ago. I just wish you could order the M3 with that DTM styling. Need to watch it fullscreen + HD! Enjoy!
  2. MBZ
    do you like this color ??
  3. L4P Racing
    BMW presented the car for their return into the DTM. Finally there is another contender besides Mercedes and Audi Specs: 4 liter V8 480 HP 0-60 in 3 Sec. V-Max: 300km/h
  4. L4P Racing
    Got these in my inbox today. Enjoy!
  5. Automotive
    ON the streets of Russia a few car owners take their shiny toys for a spin. Chrome Lambo/Gold Bimmer/Gold/chrom DTM and Chrom Bentley.!
1-5 of 5 Results